Algebra, Combinatorics, and Constructions

Discrete Mathematics III Seminar

Winter 2018-19

Please visit this page for the seminar for Winter 2019-20.

FU Berlin, Mathematics and Informatics


This seminar continues along the lines of the Discrete Mathematics III course titled "Constructive Combinatorics," and will focus on recent advances in the field, with an emphasis on the use of algebraic methods.


Links to some source material, from which you should prepare your talks, will be provided below. You should also feel free to read around the topic and find other references that may be of use.

To begin with, please take a look at the papers below, and let us know by e-mail which topics you would be interested in. If you have any time constraints or preferences regarding when you would be able to give your talk, please mention those as well.

Topic Adviser First source
Rational extremal exponents Tibor Bukh-Conlon
New rational exponents Tibor Jiang-Ma-Yepremyan
Off-diagonal Ramsey numbers Tibor Alon-Pudlak
Multicolour Ramsey numbers Tibor Alon-Rödl
Cycles in hypergraphs Shagnik Jiang-Ma
Colouring, sparseness and girth Shagnik Alon-Kostochka-Reiniger-West-Zhu
Association schemes in combinatorics Shagnik Ihringer-Kupavskii
Triangle-free pseudorandom graphs Anurag Conlon
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Course Details


The seminar will be run by

Tibor Szabó
Arnimallee 3, Rm 211a
szabo at math dot fu-berlin dot de


A general prerequisite is familiarity with combinatorics.

A formal prerequisite is the successful completion of the Constructive Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics III) course taught in the Summer 2018 semester, or the consent of the instructor (please contact if necessary).


This course can be used as a Forschungsmodul or an Ergänzungsmodul in the Masters curriculum of the Freie Universität, or as an advanced seminar course in the curriculum of the Berlin Mathematical School.

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The seminar will meet on Mondays, 10:30 to 12:00 in Arnimallee 7, SR 140 (Hinterhaus).

Date Speaker Title
Oct 15 Tibor Szabó Assignment of talks
Nov 5 Fabian Junginger Rational exponents in extremal graph theory I
Nov 12 Fabian Junginger
Ander Lamaison
Rational exponents in extremal graph theory II
New rational exponents I
Nov 19 Ander Lamaison New rational exponents II
Nov 26 Ander Lamaison New rational exponents III
Dec 3 Felix Mann Off-diagonal Ramsey numbers
Dec 10 Xiangying Chen Multicolour Ramsey numbers
Dec 17 Patrick Morris Triangle-free pseudorandom graphs
Jan 14 Christina Simantiri Cycles in hypergraphs I
Jan 21 Simona Boyadzhiyska Cycles in hypergraphs II
Jan 28 Adam Borchert Colouring, sparseness and girth
Feb 11 Tim Dittmann Association schemes in combinatorics
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