This workshop will be hosted at the Freie Universität Berlin,
in the buildings 3 and 6 at Arnimallee, 14095 Berlin [Map].
Workshop locations
Notes: SR stands for Seminar Raum, i.e. seminar room,
and A3 or A6 for the buildings 3 or 6 of the street Arnimallee.

  • A6 / SR 031: Talks
  • A6 / SR 009: Group sessions
  • A3 / SR 119: Group sessions
  • A3 / SR 210: Group sessions
  • Available WiFi networks
  • Eduroam,
  • Local network: SSID = "conference", a password will be furnished at the beginning.
  • More details at
  • Acknowledgments for the organisation
    To Beate Pierchalla, Gal Kronenberg, Michael Krivelevich, Tibor Szabó, Shagnik Das, Christoph Spiegel and Clément Requilé, and Stefanie Kirsch and Matthias Kuder from the Center for International Cooperation of FU Berlin.