Structural Graph Theory

Winter 2016/17


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Piotr Micek
Arnimallee 3, Rm 207
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Course Schedule

Lectures will take place in Takustr 9, Room 46, on Tuesdays from 14:15 to 15:45.
Exercise classes will take place in Takustr 9, Room 55, on Wednesdays from 14:15 to 15:45.

On the first week, the exercise class will be replaced with a second lecture.
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Course description


Topics include: Graph Minor Theory: Tutte's lemma: generating 3-connected graphs; Kuratowski theorem: characterization of planar graphs; Mader's theorem: every graph with large average degree has a large clique minor; treewidth, brambles and tangles: treewidth duality theorem; excluded grid theorem; 2-disjoint rooted paths problem and Seymour's theorem; graph minor theorem for surfaces; statement(s) of the graph minor theorem. Sparsity: classes with bounded expansion; nowhere dense classes; characterisations, examples, current research.


Discrete Mathematics I or equivalent (basic combinatorics and graph theory).


BMS: advanced course; FU Master: Discrete Mathematics III modul or Ergäzungsmodul.
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Homework assignments will be posted below, and should be submitted before 8:00am of the due day.

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Assignment Due date
Sheet 1 26/10/2016
Sheet 2 08/11/2016
Sheet 3 16/11/2016
Sheet 4 (updated 25/11 15:45) 30/11/2016
Sheet 5 07/12/2016
Sheet 6 (Diestel's paper [pdf]) 14/12/2016
Sheet 7 (a survey about tangles by Martin Grohe [pdf]; Graph Minors X by Neil Robertson and Paul Seymour[pdf]) 18/01/2017
Sheet 8 (here are the videos of the series of lectures that I am following with you these days) 25/01/2017
for the "Sheet 9", please watch Lecture 7 by Jim Geelen (Oct 3, 2016) and read section 12.5 of Diestel's book (5th edition!); among other things Geelen states an upgrade of the Grid Theorem: "A grid from a tange" or more precisely the theorem given around '35. As an exercise write down a sketch of the proof. As the second exercise I want you to understand the statement of the Tangle-Tree Theorem given at the same lecture and its proof given by Diestel. Is it the same proof as the one sketched by Geelen? I'm not sure ... 01/02/2017